When I create a piece of jewelry I often make one for myself. I wear it in the shower and even when I go to bed. The piece becomes a part of me and I further understand it’s durability, level of comfort and how to care for it. My goal is for each piece I make to be heirloom quality and last. The reason I work in 14k gold is because it requires little maintenance. I don’t take my jewelry off and you shouldn’t have to either!


I am a perfectionist but things can happen! Because of this I do have a workmanship guarantee. I will happily make a repair on all items up to 1 year after your date of purchase.  If it is after a year please email and I will happily give you an estimate on the repair so we can get it back to the way it was. Even if it’s 10 years from your purchase please still email me and lets see what we can do!


Gold and diamonds look best when they are clean. At some point you may want to give your jewels a little cleansing. If you find that you would like a polish please feel free to email and we can do it for you.